About Me

About Me

Basic information of me that will help you to know about me

Name Habibur Rahman
Age 17(2015)
Live Sapahar,Rajshahi
Surname HR
Work Student, Blogger
Years Activation Student(2003) Blogger (2014)
Web Site Www.ShoutWithLoud.blogspot.com
Email hrhabibur0@gmail.com


FaceBook www.facebook.com/hr.habibur.rahman.hr
Twitter www.twitter.com/iHRhabibur
Information See bellow to know about information

Hello friends how are you? I know you are fine. I am also fine by the grace of ALLAH. I have nothing special to describe me. I am a student. I am a bathroom Singer. Here you can watch my Songs.  And I am also a Blogger.

I am very simple person or I want to be very simple person. I love Technology much more than any other things. Blogging is my dream. I want to a great Blogger. ShoutWithLoud is not my first Blog that I have made. It’s will be 15 or 16 number. We are human. We have achieved much more but our thirsty to know more will never be end. So this is why I am now creating and creating Blog to know more. One man can’t be perfect in every sphere of life.  We humans learn step by step.

My Hobbies

Every man has his own dream or Hobby. I have also much more hobbies. I love to sing. I love all technical things. I love my Computer very much. I love Blogging. I am confused with Study. And I am also confused with my Tomorrow. I always see Television. Mobile is my Heart. Without it I am so alone. So these are my Hobbies.

My Favorite

I love watching movies. And I love listening songs.


So it was about me. I know I am a Bad Good Guy. But love you all who love me or not.

Good Bye Everyone